Storage, management, making it easier.

A good forwarding partner is also a good partner for storing, managing and adding value to your work. This is why we offer a complete service including all activities involved in integrated logistics services for your goods, finding with you the best solutions to guarantee the utmost safety and efficiency.

You needn't worry about anything; we'll take care of it all.

Integrated Services

We can offer you a whole series of different services to meet all your logistics requirements, from receiving and inspecting goods to storage, order preparation, packaging, labelling, marking and issuing documents.


We specialise in Fashion Logistics, with dedicated areas, facilities and complete services for the specific requirements of fashion and accessories sector. Many leading customers have been relying on Italsempione for years because of its expertise in this challenging industry.

Temperature controlled logistics

We have expertise gained over 50 years of experience working with perishable foodstuffs. This is why we can meet all your needs in this area, offering a vast range of specific services in compliance with H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) protocol:

  • Shipment of food products all over the world by air and ocean
  • Simplified procedures thanks to our internal customs office
  • Constant lot traceability, advanced processing control technology and constant updating of stocks and order schedules
  • Management of the complete logistics chain, including a temperature controlled warehouse and storage of perishable foodstuffs in cold cells at +2°C/+6°C (for fresh foods)


With Italsempione you can relax and focus on your core business, we'll take care of all the paperwork insurance, customs and currency assistance, guaranteeing you the utmost security and reliability.needed. We provide.

Value Added Services

Italsempione offers a series of added-value services such as garment packaging and reconditioning, kitting or product customisation. We also use management systems that provide updated detailed information on individual phases, as well as integrated logistics and distribution all over Italy through a network of proprietary platforms.