We get there first, in perfect shape.

It's not enough for goods to arrive on time. They must arrive in perfect condition. This is why Italsempione has always focused on care, attention and the ability to fly your goods wherever they need to go in the best possible way, guaranteeing efficient delivery every time.

Italsempione is an acknowledged IATA agent and a regulated ENAC agent


Consolidated or priority services

How urgent is your airfreight? We offer a vast range of customised services: from regular departures to and from locations all over the world with established services, to priority shipping with reduced transit time. If your shipment is particularly large or heavy, we can deal with it in a number of ways, from All Cargo flights to dedicated Charters.


We are specialized in challenging sectors such as Furniture, Fashion and Perishable Foodstuffs, industries in which we have long and specific know-how developed over many years. We offer customised solutions, guaranteeing top-level performance and security.

Our extensive international network allows us to offer shipment services abroad, without necessarily having to pass by Italy. From Asia to the USA, from Brazil to Germany, we have the right solution for your needs.

Pick-up and Delivery

No worries, we take care of everything. We can pick up your goods and clear them through customs at origin and destination, load, unload and deliver them, taking care of any other procedures that may be required.

We can do on your behalf all paperwork needed in shipping and help you out with insurance, customs and currency assistance. With Italsempione, you can relax and focus on your core business.


Italsempione meets the highest security standards. We use sophisticated X-Ray inspection equipment and a fleet of vehicles with built-in GPS locator. Our advanced systems ensure that your goods travel quickly and safely, without wasting any time going through security at the airport and risking missing their flight.

Bonded warehouses

An extra boost for your business. We have large bonded warehouses where your goods can be kept for as long as necessary, whether in transit or abroad. You may decide to move or clear through customs only the goods needed at a specific moment, so you don't need to spend a lot of money all at the same time. We guarantee the utmost security thanks to warehouses that meet the strictest security standards and to the efficiency and professionalism of our staff.